An urgent Appeal

Tuesday, 16 October, 2018

An urgent Appeal
Al-Mahra governorate was hit by a natural disaster (affected by the cyclone Luban), which led to the collapse of houses and nearly 97% of public services, electricity, telecommunications, etc. out of service, resulting in health, economic and social damage. About 3,000-4000 families were affected by the cyclone.
The Yemeni Women's Union therefore appeals to international and humanitarian organizations and all humanitarian actors to provide humanitarian and rescue assistance to the affected and trapped families.
The Union also appeals to the local authorities to provide assistance to protect the residents and provide them with emergency assistance such as NFIs , shelter items  and help them get the imminent protection services to cope with the natural disaster.
YWU calls upon all members to provide the needed humanitarian assistance to those affected by this disaster urgently.
You can contact the Yemeni Women's Union for coordination and relief in Al-Maharah:
A / Saia Bakhit - Head of the Yemen Women's Union in Al-Mahrah / mobile 7143960820
A / Khadija Bakrit Member of the YWU branch 713240529- 771147467
Salma Al-Katheeri - Head of the Yemeni Women's Union / Mukalla 777352010
Issued by the Yemeni Women's Union