Implementing infrastructure and maintenance projects in Ibb and Taiz governorates

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Yemen Women Union (#YWU) has implemented a number of infrastructure and maintenance projects in 5 main sites and 18 sub-sites in the governorates of Ibb and Taiz, from which 703 families and 4,067 individuals including IDPs hosting sites which have benefited from various infrastructure maintenance projects aimed at protecting residents and ensuring the right of IDPs to live with dignity. The project, which is funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund #YHF, includes various projects according to the needs of each site, including camp lighting projects through the provision of integrated solar energy systems. These maintenance projects aim at reducing protection risks in IDP sites.
On the other hand, a number of civil projects have been implemented, such as leveling and construction of camp corridors to drain water and prevent its stagnation, maintenance of toilets "bathrooms" and extending sewage networks, as well as creating floods retaining walls to protect from floods and diverting the watercourse away from the shelters and camp residents. This activity comes within the "project to improve the level of coordination and camp management for the displaced in Al-Dhahar district in Ibb governorate and Samae and Mawiyah districts in Taiz governorate."