YWU contributes to bridging the gap in the agricultural field in Yemen by distributing cash assistance to farmers

Thursday, 10 December, 2020

Due to the humanitarian and economic situation Yemen is going through, many difficulties have been facing Yemeni farmers; the scarcity of oil derivatives and high prices, transportation costs, the difficulty of marketing and the lack of adequate resources, the reluctance of many farmers to practice their agricultural activities, which caused the deterioration of agriculture and the decline in Yemen's productivity of agricultural crops.
As a result, the Yemen Women Union (YWU) has contributed to mitigate these impacts on agricultural sector in two selected districts of Al-Qafr Din Ibb Governorate and Mawza'a in Taiz Governorate. The intervention included the provision of three rounds of cash assistance distributions to 2,000 farmers from the most vulnerable families to help them provide the necessary resources to cultivate their lands and increase food productivity. It worth mentioning that this project is funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).