The regular meeting of the Central Council

Sunday, 31 January, 2021

Today, January 31, 2021, YWU concluded its regular meeting of the Central Council for the years 2019-2020, with the presence of 89 members from various governorates of the Republic (online). They review the evaluation report of the activities during the two years and the directions of the implementation plan for the year 2021 and came out with recommendations and decisions aimed at:
-Strengthening the role of the YWU and its internal cohesion in the face of challenges, overcoming the obstacles facing its branches in various governorates, and achieving its basic objectives.
- Improving its services to a wide segment of society, especially the Women most in need.
-To join forces as a non-governmental organization that serves society in all its groups.
- stressting the need to strengthen his relations with the local authority and the local community, and thus issued a statement containing all the recommendations.