Nahid Hussein, - UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative in #Yemen

Thursday, 25 November, 2021

Nahid is currently serving as Deputy Resident Representative with UNDP in Yemen. Nahid has worked across the region, including in Somalia and Iraq, with a focus on Governance, inclusive politics and Rule of Law.

“UNDP is committed to achieving gender equality globally, but in Yemen, the whole office is working hard to create an environment that is safe, inclusive and motivating – so we can do our best work in helping Yemenis recover and thrive together!” says Nahid.

With several multi-year projects in economic resilience building, UNDP Yemen’s work – together with several local partners – has resulted in the sustainable employment of thousands of Yemeni women, and access to immediate income through cash-for-work for several thousand more.

“Women’s access to sustainable jobs is critical in Yemen. The ongoing conflict has seen skyrocketing unemployment and devastated an already fragile economy, but with more women gaining skills and establishing businesses, households are better able to afford the necessities and communities benefit from increased services. Women’s empowerment is Yemen’s empowerment.”