Eman, a programme director at ROWAD

Friday, 26 November, 2021

Eman Almaqtari works as a programme director at ROWAD Academy for technology, a place were Yemeni men and women come to learn digital skills and entrepreneurship that will help prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

"The gender gap in the technology sector is one of the most important issues facing the world and women in particular. Women's representation in the sector is only 3 per cent, which is unjustified and illogical as well," says Eman.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is driving global economic change as we navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, shifting away from traditional models of finance and communication and exploring new virtual worlds. The future of work demands new skills as we navigate a new highly automated world – with increasing demand for specialists in big data, Artifical Intelligence and digital marketing.

The absence of women in the sector limits the potential for many developing countries to recover and establish themselves economically and technologically, risking the likelihood that they will fall further behind and leave their populations disconnected and disempowered.

"The most important challenges facing women in Yemen are access to quality education, financial services and equal access to jobs and business opportunities. But these challenges can be overcome especially in light of COVID-19, now that distance education has become commonplace,” Eman explains. “I don’t find it logical that people can lack a good education, especially in a time where most have access to the Internet and social media. The world after COVID-19 proved that everything is possible.”

Eman’s support for women in ICT is helping bridge the digital gender gap, "I aspire to live in a world with good education for all and equal opportunities in jobs and business. My message is that the world cannot move towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution if it only uses 50 per cent of its human capacity. We must make sure that all sectors have 50/50 men and women. That's what I do in my Academy of Technology – and support in my life in general."

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