Ashwaq - Humanitarian Entrepreneur in Hodeidah

Tuesday, 07 December, 2021

Ashwaq Moharram is a gynecologist and family medicine specialist who, in 2016, was selected among 100 influential global figures and nominated for the 2021 Arora International Award for her humanitarian work.

Ashwaq works in health and humanitarian work in Hodeidah governorate, western Yemen, in the rural areas and Tihama city.

"Hodeidah is the poorest governorate in Yemen. There are few jobs, increasing the unemployment rate, and low levels of education and lack of safe water drinking,” says Ashwaq. 

Yemenis in Hodeidah governate depend upon fishing and agriculture, but the conflict has caused a lack of food and income. To help, Ashwaq established a team to help affected families in the governate and work with relief and international organizations to distribute food, medicine, and basic needs - especially in rural areas and those suffering from famine. 

Through her humanitarian work, Ashwaq has been able to highlighted the local suffering and has drawn the attention of many humanitarian organizations to support Hodeidah through assistance.

As a doctor, she and her relief team visit neighborhoods and rural areas of Hodeidah to distribute medicine, food baskets, medical services, and shelter for families who lost their homes during the conflict or due to torrential rains that destroyed homes.

During her career, Ashwaq supported many women affected by the conflict and sees women as a great force. “Women are strong and patient but many are struggling to combat difficult living conditions. But with their ideas, they can help develop society despite the painful situation," she says.