Jehad - Activist focusing on Women’s Empowerment

Saturday, 04 December, 2021

Despite what Yemeni women experience amid the crises, we find inspiring Yemeni women playing their part in peace.  

One such woman is Jehad Mohammed whose work supports women's empowerment through online campaigns. 

Jehad has been working as a photographer since 2011 and has set up an art production office run with her husband.

"I work as a photographer and run an office. I have won photography competitions within Yemen and the Arab world, and have conducted awareness campaigns in several humanitarian areas,” says Jehad. 

Because of the conflict, the role of women in Yemeni society does not receive significant media attention, but Jehad continues to try to highlight women’s empowerment and their leadership roles through online campaigns.

"I did many campaigns like women’s leadership roles under the hashtag #Womens_in_leadership, and I have tried to raise awareness of the importance of the role of women in society," continues Jehad. 

Many challenges are facing Yemeni women such as traditional norms, participation in public life, and decision-making. 

Many Yemeni women dream of an equal world, equal opportunities, and giving a space to express their views. 

"I look forward to Yemeni women being partners in work and achievements and being beside men in the economic process of building a peaceful society."

By demonstrating the role of Yemeni women, we are creating solutions for peace, and integrating participation between women and men to build a better future for generations