Ahmed - A Development Consultant Committed to an Inclusive Integrated Recovery in Yemen

Thursday, 02 December, 2021

Ahmed works as a consultant in gender studies and the evaluation of development projects, including those related to the empowerment of women at the political, economic, and social level, and which women in entrepreneurism in Yemen. 

He also provides mentoring and training sessions to many women who wish to establish and grow their own projects. 

"Women are great communicators and have different strengths than men, they are committed to attendance and willing to learn and develop. That is what caught my attention and motivated me, even more, to support and to help them advance in different areas of their lives and to give back to society," says Ahmed. 

In Yemen, women only comprise approximately 7.8 per cent of the total labor force, despite comprising just under 50 per cent of the total population. Ahmed sees this as a missed opportunity and prioritizes working with women consultants in his work. “This gives space and opportunities to women to show their skills and abilities at the social and family level,” he says.

Ahmed considers women a key element in society, “It cannot rise without them,” he emphasizes, stressing the importance of supporting them to engage in all roles in society. “Neglecting their role creates a gap within societies, development, and in understanding other societies.” 

"Thinking from only one side is not productive. An integrated process is necessary to help society grow - only with men and women working together," describes Ahmed. 

"Women's professional and technical abilities are often limited by a lack of access to education and training. This leads to less opportunities and unequal participation in decision-making and higher-level jobs. That’s why it is very important to empower women to able to engage and develop. We need strong support from all categories of society, especially men, who must be a helping hand and support in life." 

Ahmed has seen firsthand the challenges women face throughout the social and economic aspects of life. In the face of ongoing conflict, this is likely due to increasing pressure on women in the home to take responsibility to provide the most basic needs. But he’s hopeful.

“Women are becoming more interactive, integrated, and accepted in Yemeni society in many areas such as academic, humanitarian and development fields.”