Ghadeer- Mentor, entrepreneur and business leader

Monday, 29 November, 2021

Ghadeer is Executive Director of the Yemeni Business Club and its entities - the Business Support Center and, the Yemeni Institute of Directors. She also works as a consultant and trainer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). But Ghadeer is one of very few women leaders in Yemen’s business and entrepreneurship sectors. She wants to see more girls learning about business and more women leading in it.

"From an early age and under my father's guidance, I realized the importance of leadership skills, which played a role in my personal and professional development. Starting in high school, I realized how important it was to help other girls who were not able to complete their education or explore career opportunities or start their own businesses, by providing them with direct counseling or linking to institutions in my network. I want to make it easier for them to find job opportunities and make them business leaders," explains Ghadeer.

Ghadeer is a leading figure in entrepreneurship and business in Yemen. During her career, she has helped to train women and held special conferences for business people and young entrepreneurs to network, to support the development of the professional and educational system in Yemen, especially in the light of conflict.

Through this hard work, Ghadeer succeeding, becoming the director of a prominent economic organization at the age of 25, while also training small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to improve their businesses.

“The most prominent challenges facing women in Yemen during the conflict include accessing quality education and getting job opportunities, which starts from having their rights to start an investment in their own businesses respected and upheld,” says Ghadeer. "Since the time of the Balqees and Sheba civilizations, Yemeni women have been known for their wisdom and ability to manage, participate and contribute to making their communities better. What we see today is an extension of that woman, who started working in agriculture alongside men, to trade, teach, meditate, and lead. We need to return her to her place and push her forward to achieve a fair and dignified life."

Despite the conflict and its negative economic effects, Yemeni women are still proving their strength and providing leadership in many areas of society, in Yemen and abroad. But as Ghadeer believes, it’s time EVERY Yemeni woman had this chance.