Hanan AlSagheer

Thursday, 09 December, 2021

Celebrating life and commemorating tragedy through poetry and song, has long been a Yemeni tradition. For Hanan, the art of writing is a means to demonstrate the value and contribution of women to Yemeni society.

While the conflict has had a horrific impact on all Yemenis, women and girls have been disproportionately affected. A lack of representation, access to education, and economic inequality have compounded women’s vulnerability to displacement, long-term unemployment and food insecurity. The physical damage to infrastructure has left people struggling, with services such as water, health, and sanitation no longer available or practically inaccessible. Restricted mobility due to safety concerns further limits women’s ability to provide and care for their families.

“As a girl, I find that the most difficult challenges women face are social. This is especially obvious in fields dominated by men and when they are experiencing a shift in gender roles,” says Hanan.

Hanan seeks to communicate these important messages through her art, with a view to achieve two goals, 1. to raise awareness in the community, and 2. to demonstrate the ability of women achieve greatness when equipped with the right knowledge and skills.

“I was fortunate to be born into a family that believes in me and encourages girls’ to explore their talents. That is why I believe I have taken these steps to succeed. But none of my success would have been possible without their support,” explains Hanan.

Hanan appeals to other Yemeni girls to support each other’s right to education and to leading decent and fulfilling lives. "I aspire to live in a world where the fundamental right education is universally enacted. Men should always take a great part supporting girls’ education and women’s empowerment because they are not only key to tackling women’s most pressing challenges, but to ensuring Yemen’s sustainable recovery.