Training and empowering the most vulnerable and displaced families in Ibb governorate

Monday, 18 July, 2022

Small economic enterprises are a strong basis for supporting the local economy and the economic and commercial empowerment of families and individuals. They are increasingly important in communities particularly in rural areas that lack high or medium productive economic projects or source of income that contribute to providing the basic livelihoods.

As part of women's empowerment activities that aim at promoting economic recovery and improving livelihoods for the IDPs and most vulnerable families that are running by the #IDPs_Community_Center-Ibb, #Yemen_Women_Union generously funded by #UNHCR; a number of 10 families from AlSharqi sub-district, Hazm Al Udayn district, Ibb Governorate have been involved in theoretical and practical training on Beekeeping, then being provided and empowered with 10 Beekeeping kits, after the trainees have learned on the most modern methods of beekeeping and establishing bees' farms and improving their production.

Each kit includes the folloing (4 Beehives, Honey Extractor, Bees Food, Beekeeping Suit, Bee Smoker, Anti Vorroa Mites Strips, Uncapping Knive, Uncapping Fork..