Launching the distribution of empowerment kits for 30 HHs at the community center - Ibb

Thursday, 29 December, 2022

*Wednesday Dec 28, 2022*

In Yarim district of Ibb, YWU Community Center launched the distribution of the empowerment kits for 30 households. The distribution event was attended by Mr. Abdulrahman Alargali the Head of SCMCHA Ibb; Mrs. Amat Almalek Al Khashib the Woman and Child Department Manager in SCMCHA Sana'a; Mohammed Al Darawani Yarim's General Director; UNHCR FO Team and many other stakeholders among them private sectors/institutions.

This activity comes within the project of strengthening the protection services for IDPs and the most vulnerable households, funded by UNHCR.

The training activity targeted 30 women in 3 different vocational training fields, including Bags Making, Sweets Making and Detergents Making. All underwent training that lasted more than one month in addition to Financial Inclusion and Marketing Trainings. After the trainings, the trainees were empowered and were provided with 30 integrated empowerment kits as follow: (10 Bags Making kits including solar system and the other equipment; 10 Sweet Making Kits including Oven, Gas Cylinder and the other equipment; 10 Detergents Making kits including the raw materials and the other equipment).

During the distribution it has been confirmed that, providing empowerment kits in various fields aims to develop women’s capabilities and skills to be self-reliance. As well as providing them with professions, handicrafts and income-generating projects to start their own projects.