Empowerment kits distribution ceremony for beneficiaries within the training and empowerment program in Abyan Governorate

Sunday, 28 January, 2024


The Yemen Women Union (#YWU) organized a ceremony to distribute empowerment kits to 200 women trainees as part of the Training and Empowerment Program, within the the project “Provision of Protection Services for IDPs and Host Communities in Abyan Governorate” funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (#YHF).

The empowerment kits were distributed to the beneficiary trainees in five main fields: livestock breeding, beekeeping, weaving, confectionery, and bag manufacturing. Each field included 40 beneficiaries (20 in the Khanfar District and 20 in the Ahwar District).

The empowerment kits contained the necessary tools and materials to practice the skills learned during the program. The distribution of these kits is an important step towards the economic empowerment of the beneficiaries and providing them with employment opportunities in various fields.

The distribution event was attended by several government and security figures in Abyan Governorate, as well as the Head of the Training and Programs Department at YWU, the Secretary-General of YWU in Abyan Governorate, the project team, trainers, and trainees.

The progress and development of the beneficiaries will be monitored, and the necessary support will be provided to ensure their success in their professional lives.

YWU is proud of the achievements of the beneficiaries and looks forward to seeing the positive impact of this program on their lives and the local community in Abyan Governorate.