Near Bakery

In the morning, while the sun shines in the world,  a young girl of 14 years old, who is studying in secondary school, lives with her family, as usually, she woke up in the morning, her eyes glinting with hope, her ambition filling herself to go to her school, to be surprised by a human-wolf watching her with lustful eyes.
 The human-wolf suddenly appeared in front of her, and  force her to get in a bus, she did not understand what was happening to her, and  he cried out on her to keep silent  and forced her to entered an unknown house, she tried to scream and cry to him  to let her leave, but without any chance, but he didn’t about her screaming .
So he tied her and beat her until her body became full of pain, and raped them brutally, then he told her that he would come out and leave her at his sister's house, and threatened her, if she resisted or issued a voice to reveal him, he would kill her.
As she walked beside him, the hand of mercy came to the idea of her survival despite her young age. As they passed by one of the bakeries, she left him and went towards the bakery, and in a broken, trembling voice, In short words, and gestures from her small hands, she pointed to that beast,  who raped her and kidnapped her,
 people there took the man and the girl with the police, and in the investigation that he is marginalized in the community, and a police officer contacted Yemen Women Union, because the girl is in a deplorable condition, and not fair to put her in prison or return to her family for fear and concern for her life ,.
Yemen Women Union intervened and provided necessary services to the Federation's shelter to ensure its protection, her parents were looking for her. When they were informed of the incident, they came to the union and the girl waits for her father and mother to relieve her suffering and pain to be surprised by her cruel father's eyes and her mother's attempt to kill her and humiliate her to hide their shame.
An agreement was reached between the girl and her family, provided that they were confined to their daughter and that judicial assistance was provided to prosecute the offender to receive his deterrent punishment.
   The survivor of the violence was included in a training course under the supervision of the administration of the Federation, in the name of its starting point. It was chosen according to the criteria. It renewed hope in its spirit, seeking to reintegrate it into the society to try to live and to resume its life and education.