Success Story

M.A.S, currently a 33 years old survivor, grew up in a conservative family surrounded by a lot of restrictions, customs, and traditions.
 She was an ambitious and smart girl. She wishes to be a successful woman. She was studying hard, to achieve her dreams,
but the attention was directed to her as a bride, she could not avoid offering an early marriage case. She was then 17 years old.
Quickly she gave birth to a man older than her by 18 years, married with three children, in a permanent absence, sees only
a dream or imagination, without interest, feelings, and respect or appreciation also there was not any kind of familiarity/chemistry.
She decided to get divorced, but her parents refused afraid of the stigma. She had no support after the death of her father except her
mother, so her husband took advantage of her weakness. Her husband abandoned her and her children for long years without aid
, money or any rights.
She had heard about the services which provided by the Anti-GBV project implemented by YWU with the support of the UNFPA.
She convinced her mother to go there together to get support.
 “When I arrived there, I received a lot of welcome, respect and love. I felt like a human being, after being marginalized, and after asking
what is the reason for the visit from the specialists, I explained the problem, and  requested  a judicial support for which I am grateful now
” She said.
“When I was visiting YWU, surprisingly, I was asked to provide my CV!! I was out of work and in need of income to continue providing support to
my children and mother who suffered the most. I rushed and sent my CV. When I was shortlisted I could not believe it. It was a dream” She added.
Today, M.A.S has become one of the Case reporters of My safety our future project supported by UNFPA, at the governorate level and now is providing
assistance instead of being helped.
Note: The case refused to let us take a photo.