The story of old woman Ghania

Under the roof of a room that does not exceed six meters, it does not protect them from a cold or hot, there where an elderly woman lives. The source of the family's income was the daily wage in one of the farms. She sold all her belongings to feed her family and to treat her little daughter until the family had any chance to live. She sold furniture to her simple home.
Ghania Abd al-Wadud is 40 years  old has been displaced three years ago in Al-Sayahi area Demnat Khader district Tiaz governorate. she has no source of income. Her family lived in a house contain of a room and a curtain for a part of the room is made as a kitchen, and there is no bathroom.
Displaced woman says "Ghania" before we displaced from the area of Saber mountain to the isolation of Alselmy in the directorate of Khadir we were in good situation where my husband worked as a farmer daily wage to the owner of the farm in the area, and provide us with food, and when the conflict began in the area where we moved to Damnh numb "My husband died during the displacement was caused by a bullet in the head," said Ghina, a thick, wiry figure. “We have suffered from the scourge of displacement and the ruthless hunger of the orphans of the orphans who were tormented by the departure of their father during the displacement.
When she merged with us in talk about her condition, she could not catch her breath as she cried ("I am tired and pregnant, with 6 children, I do not have a courier, there is no need, and I have no one but Allah alone, and see how is my condition in this room,  my healthy and healthy my children are, , and my daughter ,i sold everything i have and own for her treatment    and there is no  benefit of treatment and no one  can treat her, the people said that inside her a reap ")
"Ghania" is unable to provide basic meals per day and relieve them prefer to sleep on an empety stomach rather than begging , where they accept the assistance of others to their children ,so they do not eat until someone became very weak because of malnutrition and stress because of thinking to get a meal for her children "Ghania" and her family vulnerable to the impact of the exit of the outside of the house and not provide a place for the bath (bath) at home! Ghania in the constant thinking of how to provide food for her and her family and suffer from high blood pressure,because all that she has of a simple intake of food, she is unable to treat any of her family members, no matter how simple or chronic the disease is.