Al Hawban Flower

"Al Hawban Flower” is a mother of five children (3 males and 2 females) who displaced 4 years ago from (Old-Airport, Taiz) to (At Taiziah) district at the beginning of the war and crisis in Yemen.

"Al Hawban Flower” lived with her family in the house they own, and her husband was working in constructions tools and electrical materials shop with good income which met the needs of the family. She had a happy life with her family until the war broke out, she fled with her family leaving everything behind them to the disused house of the family in At Taiziah which is not qualified for living due to the damages and expose to the dust and rain which affected their tools and caused them harms. In addition, the family living conditions deteriorated due to the lack of opportunities for her husband, where he worked intermittently according to the availability of work.

"Al Hawban Flowertargeted the Community Center (CC) of the Yemen Women Union funded by YHF  in Al Hawban, where she had registered and her needs determined by the referral specialist in the CC, thus she received the legal service by issuing a personal card through the legal specialist of the CC so that she could benefit from other services of the CC, she received psychological support also by the psychological specialist in the CC through several individual sessions that helped to alleviate her suffering and providing her with a range of skills to face the stress and anxiety under the tough circumstances, cash assistance was provided to her family as well to overcome their difficulties in providing basic needs. Furthermore, it was noticed that she possesses the culinary talent, specifically the municipal pastries such as cakes (muffins), municipal bread, Bent Al Sahin ...etc.

Here was the seed for a new beginning. Therefore, livelihood project service was provided to her by purchasing an oven, a gas cylinder and cakes tools, also providing the other requirements such as oil, flour, sugar...etc.  so she began to make bread and pastries and selling them to employees in the public, private sectors and the neighbors, and she extended to deliver orders for events and weddings.

“I was afraid that I would fail and no one would buy from me, but now I feel confident and very happy when I assist my husband and sooth the burden on him, this is the best blessing I have benefited from the CC. My children also feel proud of me, and I feel great as a working woman who had deprived of education in her youth when I provide my children needs. I advise women and youths to move and start their private projects and not to give up to the difficult conditions of displacement and most importantly not to surrender to the refusal”. "Al Hawban Flower” said.

"I am seeking to develop as this project enabled me to provide the needs of my children and my family. I succeeded in my project and my physical, psychological and living conditions have improved." she added.

She expressed her thanks to the CC of the YWU which contributed to restoring happiness and joy to her heart and the hearts of her husband and children and left a significant impact to her life.