The Biggest Presion

Tuesday, 27 November, 2018

Case G, married in her early age, having 3 daughters, living in Amran governorate, a Yemeni girl could not continue her education because of her family economic situation. They dealt with her as a commodity, her story started when she was exposed to domestic violence, her family forced her to get the divorce from her husband while she has a daughter from him. Above all, they forced her to enter a new prison: getting married to another one that she does not know or has anything in common. She faced all possible types of violence from her new husband that "she reached to a deadlock". And the worse is yet to come ....months later, she decided to run away and break this prison without thinking of the consequences and of what is upcoming? another new chapter of violence from society was begun; her society has exploited her to furthest extreme fiercely and humiliatingly. In an inhumanity way, they made her another creature, they covered her with wrong ideas like a vampire, tied her with chains and deal with her like an animal. But the good deeds have still existed and strong enough to save her; Yemen women union with the support of UNFPA actively responds to her case and makes all possible changes for the betterment of her health and life and much more.