Periodic meeting of the members of the Executive Office

Wednesday, 17 January, 2018

The Executive Committee of Yemen Women Union held the monthly periodic meeting of the members of the Executive Office under the chairmanship of Prof. Fathia Mohamed Abdullah, chairwomen ofYemen Women Union
The aim of the meeting is to evaluate the work of the Federation for the year 2017 and to approve the annual plan and the department plans for 2018
The Executive Office of the Union issued a decision to raise the branches of the Yemeni Women's Union in their plans in the light of the general plan of the Executive Office for the year 2018 and preparing for the upcoming meeting of the heads of branches to discuss the reports of branches and annual plans
During the meeting, the Executive Office praised the role of YWU in the implementation of project activities. The Executive Office stressed the need for efforts and intensification in implementing the plan 2018