Ghadeer – The Journalist and Youth Activist Inspiring Others with her Words

Sunday, 28 November, 2021

or Ghadeer Taira from Hodeidah, in western Yemen, giving a voice to Yemen’s youth and sharing stories from their perspective is not just her job, it’s her passion. Bringing the unique perspective of young women and men to life through her stories and videos, she has been able to let the world know about their struggles and their strength during the ongoing war.

"I work as a freelance journalist and youth activist. I am very interested in defending women's rights and human rights in general," describes Ghadeer. A member of the Women Solidarity Network in Yemen, Ghadeer believes that media should serve the community and inspire others. "I try to have a special imprint by helping women, whether by helping them to return to education, or empower them and build their self-confidence. I want them to know that their presence is important in this life."

Through her journalistic work, Ghadeer has had the privilege of covering many inspiring stories, including those of peace and war, of displacement, and of girls who have broken into new areas of work, such as mechanics.   

Ghadeer splits her time working as a writer, broadcaster, video producer, and rapporteur, as well as doing humanitarian work, enabling her to meet many women leaders in various sectors.

But while these women are often featured and highlighted in media, Ghadeer sees the other side…the women who are unknown or whose stories go unheard, especially those living in and contributing to poor and rural communities.

"I hope that the number of Yemeni women present at the local and international level will increase. I thank every woman who contributes to the development and growth of any other woman, my personal development, or helps me with new ideas to continue my work,” says Ghadeer. “Life does not stop…we can do anything we want! The greatest proof is in the many women that have overcome challenges in Yemen and taken on a role to build peace in their community."

Ghadeer owes her success to the women who have changed her and helped shape her story, “Women have a role to play in empowering each other – youth, leaders…everyone!”