Omar Al kumaim - the Yemeni made Entrepreneur Ensuring Women Have Equal Opportunity to Grow

Friday, 10 December, 2021

Omar Al kumaim, is the Founder and General Manager of Dar Altamkeen for Industries and Marketing, and a model of determination that inspires many other Yemeni entrepreneurs.

"In early 2009, with my degree in hand, I went back to Yemen and started to look for business opportunities. I established an ads magazine for the automobile industry, but two years later I had to shut it down,” explains Omar.

Then in late 2017, he established Dar Altamkeen for Industries and Marketing, a company focused on making leather and fabric products, such as bottle coolers, all types of bags, and other goods, with a level of quality that competes with imported goods.

“Our slogan is ‘Industry pride with Yemeni Hands’. We want to gradually get rid of the idea that Yemeni products are not well made,” beams Omar.

As a strong believer in the ability and empowerment of men and women to produce equally high-quality work, Omar employs them both as makers in his factory.

“Women are methodical, trustworthy and reliable workers. Since the establishment of Dar Altamkeen, I have employed many women. I am continuously looking for ways to encourage and foster their creativity and production excellence by ensuring a professional, healthy and clean work environment and offering training and experiences, as well as high quality equipment and machines for all employees,” Omar adds.

In Yemen, many women have been forced to find work after they lost their partners to ongoing violent conflict, or after their partner lost their job due to injury, displacement, or limited opportunities. Women have had to become more independent and provide the primary financial support for their families and children. But with historically limited access to education and training opportunities, options have been limited. That’s why a work environment that provides space for continuous learning is so critical.

Omar believes in the importance of education for women and men and offers opportunities and training which help them to increase their skills.

“We must ensure both women and men can access education, including more professional training and opportunities. The famous Arabic poem by Hafez Ibrahim says ‘A mother is a school. Educate her, and you empower a great nation’.”