open bazaar activities

Saturday, 25 December, 2021

Today, December 25, 2021, the community center held an open bazaar event. Which was held with the aim of displaying the products of trainees and empowered women in livelihood projects within women’s social activities during the year 2021.
Where the #Community_Center_for_displaced_people – Ibb #Yemen_Women_Union_Yemen_Women_Union #YWU, with the support of #UNHCR to the training of 106 women and supported and empowered 46 women and girls in various fields. Such as works, handicrafts, sewing, bags industry, accessories industry, confectionery, and many other different fields.
The bazaar also aimed to provide the opportunity for women and girls who were previously trained and empowered to participate in the display and marketing of their own and various products, which will contribute to improving the living conditions of empowered families and highlight the role of Yemeni women in the development process.
In addition, the Community Center has contributed to the organizational process of the event in several aspects, including the organizational and media coverage of the products of the participants in general, which in turn attracted many visitors and contributed to encouraging empowered women to buy their products and encouraging them for home production and marketing of those products in the labor market.