Ms. Fathia Mohammed Abdullah, Chairwomen of Yemen Women Union, met today the Executive Office of the sisters A / Mona Al Haj, Social Affairs Officer at UNHCR, Dr. Labna Al Kandah, Protection Coordinator and Shaima Abdul Wassa, Coordinator of Activities at

Tuesday, 30 January, 2018

The aim of the meeting is to coordinate and partner in support of women and refugees and to review what is being provided to the shelters of tYWU from legal and health services, psychological support and economic empowerment.
The meeting reviewed the issues of refugee women in need of protection and how to absorb them in the Federation's training and rehabilitation centers in the areas of improving their lives and providing protection for the violence they face in all its forms.
Another meeting will be held to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding on partnership and how to provide services and joint work to serve the inmates and refugees.
The meeting was attended by YWU, Wafa Ahmed Ali, Head of the Training and Projects Department, Balqis Al-Rabahi, Head of the Finance and Administration Department, Ms. Zia Fadl, Head of the Health and Social Department,